Blackmuir Dog Training & Behaviour Centre

Graeme Hunter DipCABT (OCN Level 4&5), APDTUK (01149)

Committed to providing dogs and their owners with force free training solutions, support and activities for every stage of the dog's life...

At Blackmuir Dog Training and Behaviour Centre we take a modern, force free, scientific approach when helping you, the owner, and your dog to overcome issues such as...

  • Reactivity to other dogs or people 
  • Anxiety, fear and phobias 
  • Separation related problems 
  • Inapropriate barking 
  • Food/Toy guarding 
  • Self mutilation

Despite what you may see on TV, few problem behaviours are resolved in half an hour. Many of the punitive methods shown on TV may seem like a 'quick fix' but the results are rarely lasting and often do no more than exacerbate the issue. 

 A behaviour consultation with Blackmuir Dog Tranining and Behaviour Centre takes a holistic approach to the issue(s) you are experiencing and the aim is to change the emotional response that is behind (and therefore driving) the behaviour. 

We look at diet, enviroment, routine, stimulation and build a picture that helps us build a training and behaviour modification plan that is specific to your environment and your dogs needs. 

Each consultation consists of the initial (2 hour) appointment and two (1 hour) follow up appointments with email support spread over 4-5 weeks (depending on your specific requirements). A full written report of the consultation and plan can be provided (at extra cost) and your Vet may be informed or even involved in the process. 

Consultations are by appointment only and are available Monday - Friday during the day. Due the the popularity of our training classes, evening consultations have a limited availablity and often a waiting list is in place.

Call or email us to discuss your needs...

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